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Aldric Chang, a creative entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the media industry, is also the Founder of MediaFreaks Pte Ltd and Swag Soft LLP.

Aldric has headed and overseen the production of more than two hundred projects to date. Some landmark projects include documentaries Man Made Marvels, Mega Structures, the award-winning Super Cell documentary from Southern Star, Secret of the Battleship Yamato, Master of the Sea, Ring of Fire, The Assassination of JFK and more.

In 2008, Aldric led a programming and graphics team in creating The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World which picked up more than 200 positive reviews and several prestigious awards.

Aldric is well-versed in internet marketing and consulted by multi-national companies to drive traffic to their websites using Search Engine Optimization / Marketing and other IM strategies.

He is currently serving on the Advisory Board for the Management Development Institute of Singapore as a board member to advise the school on ways to improve their curriculum in response to market needs.

In Swag Soft, besides business development and marketing efforts, Aldric is also the creative brain behind many in-house games and apps and leads the creative team in producing fun and innovative products.

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Full name Aldric Chang
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Country Singapore
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Gender Male
Job status Seeking Freelance Work
Employer MediaFreaks Pte Ltd | Swag Soft LLP
Languages English

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