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David Heatley is a creative director, designer, cartoonist and musician who lives in Queens with his wife and two children. His critically acclaimed graphic memoir "My Brain is Hanging Upside Down" has been translated into 3 other languages and was called by the NY Times Book Review "a beautifully unsettling mosaic of comic-strip jokes." A fictional version of many of the stories from "My Brain" are currently being adapted into a television series. Heatley has been writing, performing and recording music since 1992. His band, "The Bischoffs," plays frequently in the NYC area. He has worked in various creative capacities for dozens of design studios from San Francisco to Chicago to NYC. From 2002 to 2007, Heatley worked in almost every creative department at Ogilvy & Mather NY. Since then, he's spent time at McCann Erickson, GYRO:HSR, TBWA/Chiat/Day and Mr. Youth. Visual culture of every shape and kind excites him.

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Full name David Heatley
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Gender Male
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Employer Freelance / Social Change Institute
Languages English

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Website http://davidheatley.com/


I have a nice balance between art and commercial work, studio time and family time. I'm always looking for companies or brands that share my vision of what advertising should be: an engaging, entertaining, culturally relevant and useful offering to the busiest people who have ever lived on the planet. I like challenging and stimulating creative briefs and enlightened, forward-thinking brands.


San Francisco Art Institute • Bachelor of Fine Arts 2000
Winner, Kodak Film Award
Oberlin College • Bachelor of Arts candidate 1993-1995


Creative director and senior designer for Actionlab. 2010-present.
Creative director and senior designer for Kick the Can. 2011.
Associate creative director at Mr. Youth. 2010.
Freelance assoc. creative director and senior designer for McCann Erickson. 2009-present.
Senior art director and designer for Ogilvy and Mather. 2004-2007
Designer for This American Life's Tenth Anniversary mug. 2006.
Designer and illustrator for “Make Noise” campaign for New York Public Library. 2004.
Illustrator for American Express and Tribecca Film Festival. 2003.

My Brain is Hanging Upside Down. Spanish edition. Norma Editorial. 2009.
My Brain is Hanging Upside Down. Belgian edition. Oog and Blik. 2009.
J’ai Le Cerveau Sens Dessus Dessous. French edition. Editions Delcourt. 2009
My Brain is Hanging Upside Down. Full-length graphic memoir. Pantheon Books. 2008.
An Anthology of Graphic Fiction vol. 2. 2008. Contributor.
Kramer's Ergot 7. “The Hated Thing,” a Love Story. 2008.
The Best American Comics. 2007. Cover artist and contributor.
The Poetry Foundation. Inaugural strip in the series "The Poem as Comic Strip." 2007.
The Best American Comics. 2006. Contributor.
An Anthology of Graphic Fiction. 2006. Contributor.
The Drama. Art periodical. 2006.
The Education of a Comics Artist. Edited by Steven Heller. 2005.
McSweeney's Quarterly Concern #13, edited by Chris Ware. 2004.
The New Graphics Revival. 2002. Co-founder, cover artist, editor, and book designer for this
Chicago-based comics anthology.

The New Yorker. Cover illustration. 2007.
The New York Times OpArt. Two full-page comic strip collaborations with Rebecca Gopoian,
titled “The Creche” and “Godless and Penniless – A Christmas Story.” 2007 and 2008.
The New York TImes - Comic strip on the cover of the Sunday Styles section. 2004.


Creative direction, conceptual thinking, branding, storytelling, storyboard art, illustration, cartooning, drawing, painting, typography, design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, song writing, DIY aesthetic, communication / presentation.


Deep culture and counterculture knowledge (beyond advertising). Social media. Fine art. Design trends. Comics. Animation. Publishing. Music. Psychology. Childhood. Spirituality. Gluten-free living.