Jacob's Ladder


Uploaded on: April 22, 2014. By:

Lb Lio Beardsley

back to spiritual & romantic Fri, this time I've new illustration - "Jacob's Ladder" in my Princess in her Gothic Dreams series ‿
Jacob's Ladder simple means a stairway to heaven, I combined my spiritual belief system Hermetic Qabalah and the fairy tale Princess and Pea fr Hans Christian Andersen to make my drawing
I'm the one who climb in the Jacob's Ladder to search for God, I made fun with so many mattresses as my staircase to reach up higher, now my HGA needs to climb up with me for dessert time (jk) in reality I do ve many mattresses on my bed the funny thing is I never look like anyone in my real life, but when mom first saw the illustration fr famous Edmund Dulac's Princess and Pea illustration she said this is my daughter XD

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Lb Lio Beardsley ILLUSTRATOR