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Lio Beardsley
Hong Kong
Seeking Freelance Work

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Lio Beardsley has been doing many crossover fashion and art projects with local and foreign brands featuring her unique style - aestheticism +romanticism. her work can be seen on fashion item like teeshirt, tite bag, umbrella etc, also on packaging design and other gift items. Not only she does illustration, she is also involved with some 3D decoration lately, she was invited to be the chief designer for several shopping mall X'mas and event decoration/installation featuring her design characters and fancy styling work.

Lio Beardsley was deeply influenced by Art Nouveau style at her small age, her artistic guru is one of the greatest illustrators named Aubrey Beardsley born hundred years ago, fascinated by his black and white sophisticated and delicate drawings. Later she also absorbed the 60's hippie style, for she loves the flowery and psychedelic work of art, always consider one of the flower children herself. Feminine, romantic, chic, funny and cutie in a witty way, also with good will to the animals, all these elements best depicted the world of her creation.

Her other favourite artists including Aubrey Beardsley, Saul Steinberg, George Babier, Margaret Keane, Mira Fujita, Makoto Takahashi, Aquirax Uno, Rune... to name just a few.

Her first illustration book titled as "into the Magical World of Delite" by MCCM Creations.